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Magazine Stand :: Carve – Fall 2022

Carve print literary magazine fall 2022 issue cover image

The fall issue of Carve means being able to read the winning entries of their annual Raymond Carver Short Story Contest!

First Place
“To Love a Stranger is Certain Death” by Brandon J. Choi

Second Place
“A Rugged Border” by Candice May

Third Place
“Don’t Speak” by Megan Callahan

Editor’s Choice
“Birdsong” by Abby Provenzano
“-K” by Ned Carter Miles

But that’s not all! The issue also includes interviews with each of the winners in a feature aptly titled “What We Talk About,” as well as Carve’s intriguing “Decline/Accept,” in which an author whose work Carve ‘declined’ was accepted elsewhere, giving the author a chance to explain their perspective on the rejection and the process that led to the work’s acceptance. This issue’s author is Steve Fox for his work “Then It Would Be Raining,” which Carve rejected and which went on to win the Whitefish Review Montana Prize for Fiction.

Readers can also enjoy poetry from Katy Aisenberg, William Erickson, Elizabeth Sylvia, Rachel Marie Patterson, and CooXooEii Black, nonfiction from Kimberly Knight, and the forward-looking “One to Watch” – an interview with Mazli Koca by Anna Zumbahlen.

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