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Magazine Stand :: Arkana – Spring 2022

Arkana online literary magazine Issue 12 2022 cover image

Published online biannually out of the Arkansas Writers’ MFA Program at the University of Central Arkansas, Arkana accepts works “from the whole universe at large” and seeks “inclusive art that asks questions, explores mystery, and works to make visible the marginalized, the overlooked, and those whose voices have been silenced.” Fulfilling this expectation, Arkana Issue 12 includes fiction by Zachary Johnson, Andrena Zawinski, and Erin Townsend; creative nonfiction by Melissent Zumwalt and Molly Wadzeck Kraus; poetry by Talya Jankovits, Aliah Jocelyn, Neha Rayamajhi, Lauren Scharhag, Leticia Priebe Rocha, Dante Di Stefano, and Saramanda Swigart; and interviews with Elizabeth Rush and Kai Coggin.

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