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Lit Mag Covers :: Picks of the Week – August 14, 2023

Lit Mag Covers: Picks of the Week recognizes cover art and designs for literary magazines, whether in print or online. These are chosen solely at the discretion of the Editor. Enjoy!

Notre Dame Review Winter/Spring 2023 cover image

“Grave New World” is the theme of Notre Dame Review‘s Winter/Spring 2023 issue with cover art, Invasion, ink on paper (2021) by Isabella Castellane.

Freefall Spring 2023 cover image

Mask by photographer Martins Deep draws readers into the Spring 2023 issue of Freefall: Canada’s Magazine of Exquisite Writing.

Five Points 22.1 cover image

Cynthia Farnell’s vibrantly rich photography adorns the cover of Five Points 22.1 and is featured in full color inside the journal as well.

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