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Magazine Stand :: Fictive Dream – May 2023

Fictive Dream online literary magazine logo image

Fictive Dream is an online magazine for short stories (500-2500 words) that give an insight into the human condition. The publication features stories “with a distinctive voice, clarity of thought, and precision of language. They may be on any subject. They may be challenging, unsettling, uplifting, cryptic but, above all, they must be well-crafted and compelling.” The publication accepts submissions on a rolling basis and publishes one story every Friday and Sunday. Recent contributors include Claudia Monpere, Brian Sutton, Heather Haigh, Catherine McNamara, Gay Degani, Robert Sachs, Robert Pope, Sandra Arnold, Louis Gallo, Chrissie Gittins, Jennifer Fliss, Jo0Anne Cappeluti, Gary Finke, Susan Elsley, Joan Leotta, Sarah Turner, Linda Briskin, Shelley Trower, Lisa Johnson, Mitchell, and Mike Fox.

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