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Magazine Stand :: Collateral – Spring 2023

Online literary magazine Collateral logo

Collateral, which just released its 14th issue Spring 2023 online, publishes literary and visual art concerned with the impact of violent conflict and military service beyond the combat zone. There are many platforms sharing perspectives from the combat experience, and since 2016, Collateral has felt a need to amplify voices from the reverberations and lasting effects of conflict. These voices include stories from military families, environmentalists, active duty service members and veterans, civilians, immigrants, survivors, teachers, activists, journalists, and more. Collateral is run by women who are impacted by military service, either their own or from within their families, and the journal is completely online, free to read, and charges no fee to submit. They publish twice a year and often include work by long-established writers and artists alongside the newly published.

Contributors to the Spring 2023 issue include Lisa Wujnovich, Peter Schmitt, Andrew Shattuck McBride, Susanna Lang, Sonia Greenfield, C.C. Garrett, Paula Friedman, Ben Corvo, Layle Keane Chambers, Kevin Carollo, S.Y. Ball, Gale Acuff, Diane Lefer, Andria Williams, Jason Arment, Brecht De Poortere, Andy Flaherty, Mitzi Weems, Christina M. Wells, with a special feature on Eric J. García, an artist, cartoonist, veteran, and mentor from New Mexico.

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