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Magazine Stand :: Cholla Needles – 78

Cholla Needles Issue78 cover image

Issue 78 of Cholla Needles is edited by Juan Delgado. Thomas McGovern photographed the cover and is featured throughout the issue. The twelve writers who appear in this issue are Dana Burton, Paul Marion, Craig Svonkin, Ellsworth Scott, Danny Romero, André Katkov, Micah Tasaka, Christopher Buckley, Ernesto Trejo, Shawn Levy, C. Mikal Oness, and Gina Hanson. Juan Delgado joins a distinguished group of guest editors who are helping to keep Cholla Needles vital and fresh: David Chorlton, Cynthia Anderson, John Brantingham, and Gabriel Hart. Juan Delgado and Thomas McGovern previously collaborated on the beautiful poetry/photography collection entitled Vital Signs.

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