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Magazine Stand :: Chestnut Review – Spring 2023

Chestnut Review Spring 2023 cover image

Chestnut Review 4.4 (Spring 2023) rounds out the publication’s fourth year as a literary journal and is the final installment of Volume 4. This issue features poetry, prose, and art that reckon with desire, time, and illness, amongst other themes. The cover art, which aligns with parts of the publication’s ethos and aesthetic, is a digital piece titled “Inhibition” by Grace Zhou. The issue opens with a celebration of the release of Dacia Price’s This is for the Naming with an excerpt from the 2022 Prose Chapbook Contest winner and an interview with the author. The poetry portion of the issue opens with a piece by Noor Hindi, titled “I’m Bored I’m Lonely I’m Throwing a Party,” which contends with beauty, mortality, and divinity. A graphic comic is featured, called “tanggal,” inspired by the penanggalan folklore of Malaysia, which explores the nature of change through its hybrid-format. Chestnut Review welcomes readers to enjoy the experience of their newest issue online.

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