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Magazine Stand :: Blue Collar Review – Winter 2022-23

Blue Collar Review Winter 2022-23 cover image

The Winter 2022-23 issue of Blue Collar Review: Journal of Progressive Working Class Literature opens with the editorial comments, “This winter has seen our working class and our earth under continuous attack. The crimes of commerce and the insane barbarity of war cannot be disconnected.” The poems featured within its pages speak to “the bleak realities of life for our laboring, and post-laboring class” and close with “a post-pandemic wake-up call for many of us who have been stunned into depressed isolation by the pandemic, by the growing threat of impending nuclear annihilation, and by an unfolding climate catastrophe.” The Blue Collar Review website features poems from the issue by Ed Block, Dan Sicoli, TK O’Rourke, Stewart Acuff, Livio Farallo, Joel Savishinski, Roibeárd, and Bill Ayres. Cover art: Uvalde by Roberto Marquez.

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