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Magazine Stand :: Blink-Ink – #54

Blink-Ink Issue #54 is themed “Family” and features 28 works of “approximately 50 words” each, including “When Baba Flew in from Florida” by Lois Villemarie, “When Relatives from the Cool Temperate Zone Visit” by Julie Dron, “The Corn is Angry” by Karen Walker, “Sisters” by Paul Beckman, “The Green Sofa” by Sarah Shum, “Hawk Logic” by Meg Pokrass, “LEGO City” by Caiti Quatmann, “Home for the Holiday” by Jeff Harvey, “My Family Jewels” by Catfish McDaris, “Blended Family” by Kathy Lynn Carroll, and “Gothic America” by Gay Degani. See the Blink-Ink website for subscription information as well as their 2023 Pushcart Prize Nominations.

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