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Magazine Stand :: Bear Review – 10.2

Bear Review online journal May 2024 issue (10.2) welcome a side variety of poetry, reading submissions year-round to publish in two issues: spring and fall. Their only criteria for submissions, “your writing is alive on the page, has urgency and has something at stake.” Making the cut for their newest issue are contributors Wael Almahdi, Lynne Potts, Kerry Kurdziel, Tess Liegeois, BJ Soloy, Greg Jensen, Erin Hoover, C. Wade Bentley, Heidi Seaborn, H.R. Webster, Louise Mathias, Sascha Cohen, Sarah Giragosian, Eben E. B. Bein, Michael Robins , Jose Hernandez Diaz , Sophia McCurdy, Fay Dillof, Natalie Louise Tombasco, Rodrigo Toscano, Alyssa Sinclair, Chris Bullard, Julie Rouse , Grant Chemidlin, Carolyn Hembree, and Anthony Borruso with artwork by Babe Siegl. Also featured are the winner, Bevin O’Connor, and finalists, Stephanie Niu and Brian Woerner, of the 2023 Michelle Boisseau Prize as well as interviews with Bevin O’Connor and Carolyn Hembree.

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