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Magazine Stand :: As You Were – Volume 18

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As You Were: The Military Review, Volume 18 from Military Experience & the Arts contains over thirty works in literary fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and artwork representative of the full spectrum of those impacted by military service – combat veterans, war orphans, or citizens who’ve felt the pull of history. They are all important additions to the literary and artistic canon surrounding military service. The issue features fiction by Jack R. Johnson, Phil Carson, Lucas Randolph, Ginger Dehlinger, Craig Gridelli, Ben Weise, Jillian Danback-McGhan, Erik Cederblom; nonfiction by Stanley Ross, William Gritzbaugh, Bettina Hindes, Larry Moss, Michael Dedrick, Richard Bramley, Art Foster, Erik E. Gize, Aliza Dube, Travis Harman; poetry by Carlin Corsino, Michelle DeRose, Christian Aldana, Katharina Breide, Nancy Austin, Michael Ball, Chad Corrigan, Deborah Baxter, Nelson Randall, Connie Kinsey, Cathleen Lundy Daniel, Patrick Dennis Riley, Andrew Lafleche, Michael Foran, Jerry L. Staub, Blake Ringer; and artwork by Wayne David Hubbard, Jennifer McKeen Rodrigues, Erik E. Gize, Dmitry Borshch.

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