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Magazine Stand :: Alaska Quarterly Review – Summer/Fall 2023

Alaska Quarterly Review Summer Fall 2023 cover image

Photographer Marion Owen’s bee on the Summer/Fall 2023 cover of Alaska Quarterly Review won’t let you pass up this issue of stories by Jake Maynard, Julie Esther Fisher, Emma Pattee, Miriam Karmel, David Galef, Rebecca Bernard, Myles Zavelo, Claire Seymour; essays by Jenna Devan Waters, Alyce Miller, Gabriela Halas, Michael Bogan, Joan Murray; poems by Matthew Zapruder, Jamaica Baldwin, Virginia Konchan, Jennifer Barber, Robert Wood Lynn, Brooke Sahni, Mihaela Moscaliuc, Mary Peelen, Eva Saulitis, Dannye Romine Powell, Jason Tandon, Kareem Tayyar, Sarah B Sullivan, Mathew Weitman, Alison Hawthorne Deming, Elizabeth Bradfield, Patricia Clark, Rachel Hadas, Andrew Hemmert, Farah Peterson, Annie Wenstrup, Megan Snyder-Camp, Laura Kolbe, Jessica Greenbaum, Amy Dryansky.

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