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Urban Spaghetti – 2004

Urban Spaghetti
Literary Arts Journal

Number 4


Jeannine Hall Gailey

The theme of this issue of Urban Spaghetti, an “intermittently”-published, progressive journal out of Ohio, is “The Women!” The journal features mostly poetry, including poems by big shots like Marge Piercy and Virgil Suarez, but also photography (mainly of women of diverse races and ages) and two interesting interviews, one with children’s book author Angela Johnson and another with poet and artist Cheryl “Cat” Townsend. The poetry is generally narrative and street-smart, contemporary, as opposed to traditional, but, in a fresh act, they have separated the “sauce” section (more experimental work, work by newcomers) from the “pasta” (established writers, more traditional or narrative work). Also included with the journal is a multimedia CD, which had a .pdf version of the issue, audio files of poets reading poems from the issue, and image files of the art and photography. As you might expect in an issue called “The Women!” the theme of much of the work is women’s actions, ideas, and activities, but there are a balance of male and female writers. A lot to like here – I hope there is another issue to look forward to soon.

[Urban Spaghetti, P.O. Box 5186, Mansfield, OH 44901-5186. E-mail: [email protected]. Single issue $10.00. http://www.urban-spaghetti.com]

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