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Comics Review :: Trans and Non-Binary Menstruation by Jac Dellaria

The Bathroom by Jac Dellaria comic panel image

I came across Jac Dellaria’s work thanks to the Chicago Zine Fest where he was tabling. He has an Instagram where he posts his most recent work, and I zine reviewed several of his indie publications. Dellaria also has an incredible series he created in collaboration with University of Wisconsin – Madison Sociology Professor Sarah E. Frank (“Frankie”) based on interview research conducted in 2018-19 with trans and nonbinary emerging adults (18-29). Frank writes that Dellaria “translated the findings and quotes into stunning comic panels, presenting . . . a visual narrative of menstruation for trans and genderqueer people.” The comics include “The Bathroom,” “Product Problems,” “At the Doctor’s,” and “On Identity.” These four comics are worth visiting and sharing, especially in light of continued basic bathroom rights for all and to understand what it is like for others whose experiences are real and valid yet not justly recognized. As one character in “On Identity” comments, “I feel kinda stuck because periods are such ‘a woman’s thing’ that if I speak up, then I’ll be seen as invalidating my identity. But If I don’t, then no one will ever learn.” Here’s hoping more people will care enough to learn.

Trans and Non-Binary Menstruation by Jac Dellaria. Teaching Frankly, 2020.

Queering Menstruation: Trans and Non-Binary Identity and Body Politics” by Sarah E. Frank. Sociological Inquiry, 2020.

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