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The Poetry Miscellany – 2003

The Poetry Miscellany

Issue 29



Jeannine Hall Gailey

This zine comes out only once a year, and while it isn’t much to look at (watch for typos – I ran across five in my first reading) looking like it was photocopied in someone’s basement, it is actually produced by the English Department of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and boasts some surprisingly sophisticated content. This issue focused mainly on translations of Italian, Croatian, and Slovene poetry. From a translation of Sandro Penna by Jacob Blakesley:

Cemetery lights, don’t tell me
that the summer evening isn’t beautiful.
And the drivers are beautiful in
the faraway taverns.

They move like ancient
friezes under the sky
newly constellated.

Sandro Penna translated by Jacob Blakesley

The featured poet was the prominent and award-winning Dara Wier, and there were also lively interviews with Bob Hicok and Iztok Osojnik. Another journal we have to hope survives so we can see more of this ambitious sort of work.

[Poetry Miscellany, English Department, UT Chattanooga, TN, 37403. E-mail: [email protected]. Single issue $7.00. English Publications | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (utc.edu)]

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