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Join the August Poetry Postcard Festival

It is once again time to sign up for the August Poetry Postcard Festival! And this year’s event is a special tribute to Diana di Prima and Michael McClure.

Now in its 15th consecutive year, the concept is simple and fun: You sign up, and your name is added to a group along with 31 others. Once the group is “full,” you each get the list with names and addresses of participants in your group. The week before August, you start writing and sending your postcards (so that the first one arrives around the first of August). You write one postcard per day and send it to the person listed after your name in the group. The next day, you write another poem and send it to the next person – and so on until you go through the list. One for each day.

The idea is spontaneous writing without editing, censoring, or revision. You can use the postcard as your prompt or not. Some people choose a theme to write on for the month. The postcards vary from store bought to homemade, contemporary to vintage. It’s really wide open to your creativity, imagination, and passion. Then, throughout the month of August, you will receive poems in the mail from the others in your group.

Last year, the organizers began year-round registration – so you can actually register at any time of the year. In 2020, some participants started sending cards immediately upon registration, instead of waiting until August – and what a boost that was during the early days of the pandemic. A few ambitious writers completed their 31 cards and signed up for another group! The organizers welcome repeat participation.

There is a $15 fee which helps pay the bills and support the non-profit Seattle Poetics LAB, who organize this event as well as many others throughout the year. Registration closes July  Sign up today!

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