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Event :: Driftwood Seminars for Fiction Writers & Poets

Driftwood Press Editors & Writers Seminar & Chapbook SeminarDeadline: February 14, 2021
Event Dates:
February 15 – March 19, 2021 Event Location: Virtual
Both of our beloved seminars have returned! Whether you’re a fiction writer looking to improve your craft or a poet looking to build a chapbook, we have a seminar ready for you. Both seminars will run concurrently, from Feb 15th to Mar 19th. Check out the testimonial below, and make sure to join your course before the seats fill! “[Instructor James’] sincerity and love for the “craft” (and for literature itself) came through loud and clear in this seminar. It is clearly a daily labor of love to maintain an exemplary literary journal like Driftwood…. You have given us a candid glimpse behind the curtain.”—Richard Ellett Mullin, on the Editors & Writers Seminar. “The Driftwood Press Chapbook seminar is an insightful look into an often-overlooked way to collect work. Led by a strong coach, the five-week course was insightful and engaging even for experienced writers.”—Anonymous, on the Chapbook Seminar

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