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New Book :: Zero Point Poiesis

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Zero Point Poiesis: Essays on George Quasha’s Axial Art
Edited by Burt Kimmelman
Aporeia, June 2022

Published by Aporeia, an imprint of Marsh Hawk Press, Zero Points Poiesis gathers essays by writers Vyt Bakaitis, William Benton, Edward S. Casey, Chris Funkhouser, Matt Hill, Andrew Joron, Robert Kelly, Burt Kimmelman, Kimberly Lyons, Cheryl Pallant, Tamas Panitz, Carter Ratcliff, Gary Shapiro, and Charles Stein who elucidate George Quasha’s unique achievement as poet, artist, and thinker. They’re complemented by Thomas Fink’s interview with the poet on the poetics of preverbs, an introduction by Burk Kimmelman, and forward by Jerome McGann.

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