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New Book :: Windows That Open Inward

Windows That Open Inward: Images of Chile book cover image

Windows That Open Inward: Images of Chile
White Pine Press, April 2023

With poems by Pablo Neruda and photographs by Milton Rogovin, Windows That Open Inward is a mosaic of visual images fused with words that create a compelling image of Chile. Rogovin, a well-known photographer, journeyed to Chile in 1967. At Neruda’s suggestion, he went to the island of Chiloe, in the south. Rogovin’s visit was most fruitful. He came away with some extraordinary photographs, capturing the stark beauty of Chiloe and the unromantic life of its people. His portraits depict individuals and families and the tools and elements of their existence. There is a symbiotic relationship between Rogovin and Neruda, a common interest in and respect for the ordinary. Editor Dennis Maloney has selected a diverse cross-section of Neruda’s poems to complement the photographs. White Pine Press is reissuing this classic to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the press.

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