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New Book :: Untangling the Knots

Untangling the Knots by Buffy Aakaash book cover image

Untangling the Knots by Buffy Aakaash
Kelsay Books, December 2022

Untangling the Knots by Buffy Aakaash opens doorways, solutions to approaching the everyday world with a renewed sense of awareness. Each poem is like a meditation on simple tasks we all experience. Metaphorical instructions on “How to Pet a Cat” or “How to Start a Fire” give way to deeper considerations like “How to Start Over” or “How to Stay Alive.” This collection of twenty tightly tailored poems will appeal to anyone who walks through life questioning the importance of the mundane, knowing there is always something deeper to those things people do that can seem feckless and unimportant. Aakaash grew up around hills and lakes in New Jersey west of New York City. He has lived as a queer man in both big cities and small remote towns throughout the US since then — backwoods Tennessee, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, high desert New Mexico, not in that order, but finally New England.

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