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New Book :: True for the Moment

True for the Moment: Poems by Ian Ganassi book cover image

True for the Moment: Poems by Ian Ganassi
David Roberts Books, April 2023

The poems in True for the Moment by Ian Ganassi address the transient and impermanent nature of internal life as it intersects with life in the world. This impermanence is part and parcel of the deceptive and shifting performance of language. From “Your Last Chance”: “Nope, no number of dictionaries can save you now.” Nothing, not even love, is free from the conditional nature of experience: “All she remembers after all these years/Is how good I was in bed.” (“Marking the Blues”). One of the last poems offers a ray of hope: “There’s a kind of salvation in the practice of the mundane,” “And practice makes perfect, or at least it can contribute / Some sort of equanimity to the dementia reality is known for…” Art and artistic technique alone are reliable, as well as the comedy that is enacted in the poems.

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