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New Book :: The Encantadas

The Encantadas by Herman Melville book cover image

The Encantadas by Herman Melville
Wild Lot Press, April 2022

In this lavishly descriptive pioneering work of ecofiction, written just after the publication of Moby Dick, Herman Melville records the dawn of the anthropocene as it unfolds amid the teeming, treacherous islands of the Galápagos—or, as they were also known, the Enchanted Islands—the Encantadas. Now with an all-new introduction by Elizabeth Hennessy, author of On the Backs of Tortoises: Darwin, the Galápagos, and the Fate of an Evolutionary Eden, plus ten new full-color illustrations from artist Eric Tonzola, enclosed within a clothbound hardcover case, Wild Lot Press brings this long-overlooked novella to modern readers.

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