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Pre-Orders Available for Ink and Main Anthologies

Covers of Books by Hippocampus anthologies Ink and Main

Books by Hippocampus has announced you can still pre-order their next two anthologies Ink and Main whose production and release has sadly been delayed.

Ink a part of The Way Things Were series which celebrates print media—magazines and newspapers—from the pre-digital age. You’ll find essays taking you from the newsroom to production. Each piece sharing a common thread of how people and publications built community, impacted change, celebrated local milestones, or mourned national tragedies. Contributors include Nancy Brewka-Clark, Richard Fellinger, Andrea Frantz, Timothy Kenny, Magin LaSov Gregg, Richard LeBlond, Nina B. Lichtenstein, Kate Meadows, Anthony J. Mohr, Judy S. Richardson, Marsh Rose, Roxanna Ross, and Laura Stanfill.

Main is also part of The Way Things Were series with a focus of celebrating small town America. It features twelve stories about the stories, services, and specialty shops that once ruled Main Street America. Contributors share how these family businesses defined and redefined themselves and how these endeavors evolved over time. Enjoy work by Lindsay Gelay-Akins, Joan Taylor Cehn, Christopher Cocca, Kimberly Ence, Nina Gaby, Linda Hansell, Melissa Hart, Kristine Kopperud, Dyann Nashton, Kelly Garriott Waite, Suzanne Samuels, and Melissa Scholes Young.

You can also purchase these anthologies in cost-saving a bundle! Get your copies here.

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