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New Book :: Poppy and Mary Ellen Deliver the Goods

Poppy and Mary Ellen Deliver the Goods book cover image

Poppy and Mary Ellen Deliver the Goods by Roz Weedman and Susan Todd
Chapter Illustrations by Lane Trabalka
Mission Point Press, April 2023

In Book One of the Frankenmuth Murder Mysteries, the Stanley family gathers in the number one tourist town in Michigan—Frankenmuth. Known for its historically accurate, Bavarian-style architecture and famous chicken dinners, the festive, fun town experiences the murder of the Stanley family matriarch followed by the murder of another resident. The solution, though, isn’t obvious since there are plenty of suspects to consider: nieces, nephews, a disgruntled caterer, a carriage driver. Maybe it was someone else entirely or multiple killers with completely different motives! The local police step in to investigate under the spotlight of an unrelenting press. How long will it be before tourists are enjoying their chicken dinners again without looking over their shoulders? Meanwhile, local private eyes Mary Ellen and Poppy—best known for finding lost dogs, catching errant husbands, and playing a mean game of mah-jongg—find themselves in a daunting role. Hired by an out-of-state lawyer to find a missing heir, the local police welcome their inside information to help bring a killer (or killers?) to justice. Even Poppy’s Boston terrier, Babycakes, has a role in helping solve the case.

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