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New Book :: The Land and the Days

The Land and the Days a Memoir of Family Friendship and Grief by Tracy Daugherty book cover image

The Land and the Days: A Memoir of Family, Friendship, and Grief
Memoir by Tracy Daugherty
The University of Oklahoma Press, January 2022

In “Cotton County,” the first of the dual memoirs in The Land and the Days, Tracy Daugherty describes the forces that shape us: the “rituals of our regions” and the family and friends who animate our lives and memories. Combining reminiscence, history, and meditation, Daugherty retraces his childhood in Texas and Oklahoma, where he first encountered the realities of politics, race, and class. The “Unearthly Archives,” the second of Daugherty’s memoirs, expands the realistic accounts of the first narrative, providing a meditation on the meaning of grief. Daugherty demonstrates his curiosity and indefatigable quest for understanding and closure by examining his life-long store of literary readings, as well as the music he loves, to discover the true value of a life dedicated to art.

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