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New Book :: The Contemporary Leonard Cohen

The Contemporary Leonard Cohen edited by Kait Pinder and Joel Deshaye published by Wilfrid Laurier University Press book cover image

The Contemporary Leonard Cohen: Response, Reappraisal, and Rediscovery
Edited by Kait Pinder and Joel Deshaye
Wilfrid Laurier University Press, November 2022

The death of Leonard Cohen received media attention across the globe, and this international star remains dear to the hearts of many fans. This book examines the diversity of Cohen’s art in the wake of his death, positioning him as a contemporary, multi-media artist whose career was framed by the twentieth-century and neoliberal contexts of its production. The authors borrow the idea of “the contemporary” especially from philosophy and art history, applying it to Cohen for the first time—not only to the drawings that he included in some of his books but also to his songs, poems, and novels. This idea helps us to understand Cohen’s techniques after his postmodern experiments with poems and novels in the 1960s and 1970s. It also helps us to see how his most recent songs, poems, and drawings developed out of that earlier material, including earlier connections to other writers and musicians.

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