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New Book :: Strong Feather

Strong Feather poetry by Jennifer Reeser published by Able Muse Press book cover image

Strong Feather
Poetry by Jennifer Reeser
Able Muse Press, March 2023

The poems in Jennifer Reeser’s Strong Feather center on a Native American Indian female character of the author’s creation. She is a poet/prophet/warrior of sorts. All the poems are masterfully deployed in form, but they vary in tone and content. While many of the poems use the Strong Feather character, there are also personal poems, and translations and tales from actual Cherokee and other indigenous traditions. The title poem opens the collection:

End of the winter, middle March,
Waking, I find it beneath my quilt
Clinging to linens the hue of larch,
Softer and whiter than milk when spilt—
One petite feather. Its hollow “hilt”
Pointing toward me, is curved and long,
Slightly translucent, and at a tilt.
How has this feather stayed so strong?
. . . .

Jennifer Reeser is the author of six collections of poetry, and her poems, reviews, and translations of Russian, French, along with the Cherokee and various Native American Indian languages, have appeared in numerous publications. A biracial writer of European American and Native American Indian ancestry, Reeser was born in Louisiana. She studied English at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She now divides her time between Louisiana and her land on the Cherokee Reservation in Indian Country near Tahlequah, Oklahoma, capital of the Cherokee Nation of which her family is a part.

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