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New Book :: gulp/gasp

gulp/gasp by Serena Piccoli book cover image

gulp/gasp by Serena Piccoli
Moria Books, September 2022

Temporally composed between 2019-2022, punctuated with socio-political, cultural, and linguistic shifts, and wry wordplay, gulp\gasp navigates the complexities within Italy, the British Isles, Zanzibar, and Europe, journalistically drawing on interviews, reports, photographs, essays, and articles. Though formally witty, playful, and punningly provocative, each piece packs a hard punch; and as such, serves as a powerful tool for raising awareness. Piccoli is an Italian poet, artistic director, playwright, translator, teacher, and photographer. She is the co-founder and director (with Giorgia Monti) of the Poetry and Sister Arts International Festival (Forlì – Cesena, Italy).

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