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The Other Hamlet Brother

Guest Post by Manasi Patil.

An extraordinarily ordinary play script is what draws Tim Hamlet, the twin brother of Prince Hamlet, the crown prince of Denmark, towards Elsinore to uncover the dark secrets that awaits him, whether he wants it or not.

When I started reading the first chapter of The Other Hamlet Brother, I was entirely drawn in the book. Luke Swanson’s words kept me on the edge throughout the journey of reading ‘The Other Hamlet Brother’. Well, I’ve always loved this genre, so I was more than happy to review the book, and I’m pleased to say that it did much more than simply ‘satisfy’ me.

This is an action-packed novel, never disappointing me. It tells tales of friendship, and of sheer rivalry, of loyalty, and of betrayal, of love, and of hatred. The story first begins in London itself, where Tim has managed to open a small theatre. Seeking directions, he somehow ends in a messy situation, but also reunites with his friend, Nick Bottom. They further travel and Tim makes more friends, their friendship becoming quite thick in a small amount of time. Tim, Nick, Dogberry, Romeo, Kent, and Rogelio land on a magic island when their ship is wrecked and so, the story begins.

Luke Swanson has expertly detailed the island scenes, hanging me over each of the words. Tim’s loyalty is like no other, and I’m very happy to say that Tim Hamlet has quickly become my favorite character.

The thing I love the most about the book is how well I get to know Tim. Slowly, the author reveals Tim Hamlet bit by bit, my liking for him growing as he does so.

The Other Hamlet Brother is a very adventurous book, and Luke Swanson’s imagination is very appreciated. I like the way he makes his characters say goodbye, and those parts are quite moving. The Other Hamlet Brother is a fun journey to explore, and when I finished reading the novel, I wished I had taken it slow. I’ll certainly be reading more from Luke Swanson, and I’m grateful to him for providing a review copy, and adding a new book to my favorite collection.

The Other Hamlet Brother by Luke Swanson. Black Rose Writing, February 2021.

Reviewer bio: Manasi Patil is a young author with a passion for writing.

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