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‘The Mindset’

Guest Post by Manjusha Sreedharan. 

The Mindset by Ace Bowers is a memoir of one who was brought up in a dysfunctional family but reached where he is today through sheer hard work. The book depicts the life of the author from janitor to a millionaire in Silicon Valley.

Bowers spent his early years in the constant fear of his friends finding out the circumstances at his home. His father, a machinist who learned his skills from the Navy, and his mother, a homemaker, were high school sweethearts, but as time progressed, fights became a routine. This was mostly because of the continuous use of alcohol. The economical situation at his house wasn’t the best as the family struggled to make ends meet mainly because most of the money went into buying alcohol and cigarettes. Frequent visits to prison by his brother and his sister leaving for college left him all alone with his parents. The book revolves around his struggles as a teenager dominated by anxiety and loneliness and how he overcomes them as he faces unexpected challenges.

The first thing I like about the book is the author’s frankness. He explains the situation he was brought up in and how a dedicated tough grind can bring the best out of people. This will be an inspiration for a large number of people who have been going through such turmoil in their life. If a person from a broken family without a degree can become a millionaire, you or I are capable of it too. Secondly, the way he handles relationships is outstanding. As he matures, he tries to understand his parents and accepts them as they are. Even though he doesn’t want his children to have a childhood like his, he imparts the best of what his parents gave him. He considers his wife as the cornerstone of his success and loves her immensely. The book has a rags to riches plot just like movies and the details make it realistic.

One thing I disliked about the book was that the way of writing is way too casual. The book could have been structured better. Although the author tried to arrange the chapters chronologically, some parts felt like he was speaking his mind, jumping from one incident to another. If the book was more organized, it would have been much more gripping than it is.

The moral and the setting of the story is excellent. I would recommend it to young adults who lack motivation, or who fear that they will not be able to fulfill their dreams. The book neatly describes sometimes what we think is a curse might be a blessing in disguise. Willpower, hard work, and dedication will never fail anyone and these 100 pages are proof of that.

The Mindset by Ace Bowers. 2019.

Reviewer bio: Hi! This is Manjusha from India. I have always loved to be with words. I am a software developer who loves to read, write, travel and play violin. Find my writing here.

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