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Shattered Triangle Trilogy

Guest Post by Manasi Patil.

A Consequential Murder is the first book in the series, “Shattered Triangle” by William Messenger. This is an uncommon and unique book with complex characters and plots.

The blurb of Shattered Triangle: A Consequential Murder was enough to hook me right in the book. I was certainly expecting a lot from this read, and am glad to say that I had a fulfilling time, and the end left me speechless. It was very unexpected and made me want to read the whole book again just to understand how and why the plot twisted in such a manner.

This novel is from the point of view of Lt. Tom Moran, and introduces the protagonists of the series: twin brothers Giovanni and Giuseppe Lozano, and Tom himself. The beginning chapters, though lengthy, are an integral part of the successful series, allowing readers to know the characters and how their actions stem from their childhood and adolescence. The conversations provide an insight on how the characters develop and grow their personalities, which later affects each one of them, with a consequence.

Messenger’s dexterity with words begins the adventure, or rather, paths toward a murder trilogy, one without any reliable evidence, and, eerily, without any motive. After detailed introductions of the three protagonists, the plot turns sinister, when Giuseppe Lozano’s wife and three innocent children are killed, without any mercy. Giuseppe is dazed, Giovanni is devastated, and Tom is stunned. Tom Moran is determined to punish the cruel murderer and takes up the charge of solving the tough case. There is but one evidence, which may not be so reliable in finding the murderer, but is a step forward nonetheless. The story urges readers to keep going and try to figure out the horrific murder tragedy.

The characters are engaging, and I especially like that the situation depicted, and the characters as well, are true to the present circumstances of the world.

A Consequential Murder takes place in Los Angeles, California. The book deals with a lot of history of the city, and is quite informative about it. I personally am intrigued about the city due to Messenger’s descriptions of Los Angeles. The setting has contributed a lot to the story, and it speaks of the beginning of the friendship as a triangle, its three vertices being Tom, Giovanni, and Giuseppe.

The question is, will the triangle remain enact? Or will it “shatter?” And to know the reason for my question, reading the book is the key!

A Consequential Murder by William Messenger. Black Rose Writing, July 2014.

Reviewer bio: Manasi Patil is a young author with a passion for writing.

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