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Satirical Deep-Diving with Mathew Serback

Guest Post by Natalie GN.

What. A. Journey. This book is a genre-bending satirical deep-dive into the consciousness stream of the United States and White America. Here, the reader is led through a series of storylines that converge before the nameless narrator, all of which begs the audience to question the pillars the USA was founded on, along with its people’s conditioning. It’s a hilariously poignant, tough-love, nudge into the deep end of the pool when you don’t know how to swim for people for whom equality and kindness are difficult concepts.

If nothing else, 2020 handed everyone a personal magnifying glass that only looks inward. The farther away from it you are, the more distorted things look. The closer you are, the clearer things appear. It’s your decision how closely you want to look through that glass. It’s hard work, so make it a little easier on yourself and read this book.

It’s also worth noting that, though this book’s audience would ideally be a very specific group of people, it was a super weird and enjoyable and read for me, a brown Latinx cis-chick reader. Something for everyone out here. Highly Recommend.

The First Great American Novel: Where Parallel Lines Meet (A Story of Non-Sequiturs) by Mathew Serback. Atmosphere Press, January 2021.

Reviewer bio: My name is Natalie GN. Caguas born and raised, currently living the library dream in Ohio.

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