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Books Received June 2023

NewPages receives many wonderful book titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these by clicking on “New Books” under the NewPages Blog or Books tab on the menu. If you are a publisher or author looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us!


Alone, J.R. Solonche, David Robert Books
Bar of Rest, Sara Epstein, Kelsay Books
Bridge at the End of the World, Scott T. Starbuck, Blue Light Press
Broken Metronome, Connie Post, Glass Lyre Press
The Death of Weinberg: Poems and Stories, Walter Weinschenk, Kelsay Books
Dreaming in Cantera, Bonnie Wolkenstein, WordTech Editions
The Dreams of Gods, J.R. Solonche, Kelsay Books
EtC, Laura Mullen, Solid Objects
excisions, Hilary Plum, Black Lawrence Press
Expert Terrain, Diane Schenker, Word Poetry
Fig Season, Joan E. Bauer, Turning Point
Glass to Sand, John Van Dreal, Cherry Grove Collections
gulp/gasp, Serena Piccoli, Moira Books
Hearts, Joanne Corey, Kelsay Books

HIGHER, Robert Stewart, Press Americana
The Hungers of the World, John Morgan, Salmon Poetry
In the Museum of My Daughter’s Mind by Marjorie Maddox and Anna Lee Hafer, Shanti Arts
Paper Cuts, Gail White, Kelsay Books
Periodic Boyfriends, Drew Pisarra, Capturing Fire Press
Prisoner Cowboy, Edward Manzi, CW Books
Read My Lips, Charles K. Carter, David Robert Books
Rhythms, Helen Tzagoloff, Word Poetry
This Morning the Mountain, Judy Rowe Michaels, Cherry Grove Collections
Romance Language, Amy Glynn, Able Muse Press
Small Things, Peter G. Quinn, Turning Point
Things, Jennifer Nuesi
The Truth I Must Invent, Francis DiClemente, Poets’ Choice
To See What Rises, Alison Stone, CW Books
The Tower of Babel Tipped on Its Side Turns Into a Tunnel of Love, Kimo RedeR, CW Books
True for the Moment, Ian Ganassi, David Robert Books
Under a Future Sky, Brynn Saito, Red Hen Press
Waterlings, Eileen Moeller, Cherry Grove Collections
What Drifted Here, Barbara Siegel Carlson, Cherry Grove Collections
Whoever Drowned Here, Max Sessner, Red Hen Press
World Too Loud To Hear, Stephen Kampa, Able Muse Press


About the Carleton Sisters, Dian Greenwood, She Writes Press
The Act of Contrition & Other Stories, Joseph Barthanti, EastOver Press
Boomtown Girl, Shubha Sunder, Black Lawrence Press
Cursebreakers, Madeleine Nakamura, Canis Major Books
Epistolary, Lisa Lambros
Hammer of the Dogs, Jarret Keene, University of Nevada Press
A Night of Screams, ed. Richard Z. Santos, Arte Publico Press
No God Like the Mother, Kesha Ajọsẹ-Fisher, Forest Avenue Press
Pebbles and the Biggest Number, Joey Benun and Laura Watson
The Persistent Road, Tim Bishop
The Prumont Method, Trevor J. Houser, Unsolicited Press
The Puppy Adventures of Porter and Midge: Out and About, Giselle Nevada, Raise the Woof Press
The Quantum Entanglement Party: Adventures of the Miso Mice, Annette Czech Kopp
Tell Me What You See, Terena Elizabeth Bell, Whiskey Tit
The Very Special Dead, Christian Livermore, Meat For Tea
Somewhere a Phone Is Ringing, Nancy Bourne, Wordrunner eChapbooks


An Influencer’s World, Caroline Baker and Don Baker, University of Iowa Press
Bert Meyers, ed Dana Levin and Adele Elise Williams, University of Houston
The Best Material for the Artist in the World, Kenneth Chamlee, Texas A&M University Press
Compass Lines: Journeys Toward Home, John Messick, Porphyry Press
A Connecticut Yankee Goes to Washington, Will McLean Greeley, Rochester Institute of Technology
Craft: A Memoir, Tony Trigilio, Marsh Hawk Press
Gay Giant, Gabriel Ebensperger, Street Noise Books
Illmanic: Scratching & Surviving, Anthony L. Kelly, Momentum
Look Again, Elizabeth A. Trembley, Street Noise Books
Man of the People, Robert Garcia, Arte Publico Press
Plums for Months, Zaji Cox, Forest Avenue Press
Unhunched, Aesha Tahir, New Degree Press
We Are Not Okay, Christian Livermore, Indie Blu(e) Publishing
What is Home, Mum?, Sabba Khan, Street Noise Books


Dread Space, Volume 2, ed. Eric Fomley, Shacklebound Books

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