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An Action Adventure Sports Novel

Guest Post by Lorraine “Lorrie” Morales

If you’re looking for a great story from a self-published author, check our Jim Malner’s Big League. The book is an action adventure sports novel and a great read for anyone who loves hockey and mystery.

David Stone, an undrafted walk-on player, dreams of playing in the NHL. Riley Sawyer, the league’s number one draft pick, is Detroit Red Wings favorite to lead the team to the Stanley Cup. Their meeting at the summer training camp is a battle, not only on the ice, but against Russian mobsters and professional assassins. The boys will discover what real team work is in professional sports and the world of organized crime.

Big League by Jim Malner. Self-published, 2019.

Reviewer bio: Lorraine “Lorrie” Morales is a published author from Alberta, Canada
Press: https://www.lorriemorales.com.

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