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Zymbol Plans Clive Barker Issues

zymbol-kickstarterZymbol, an art and literature magazine, has teamed up with Los Angeles-based art gallery Century Guild for a Kickstarter straight out of the imagination of horror genius, Clive Barker. The magazine plans to use donated funds to build its 2015 issues around never-before-seen paintings and sketches from Barker’s “dream notebook.”

Clive Barker, a contemporary of author Neil Gaiman, first rose to fame in the eighties, with the Books of Blood. At the time, Stephen King called Barker “the future of horror”; a prophecy that proved true, as Barker’s talent easily translated across major films (Hellraiser, Candyman, Gods and Monsters) fine art and more fiction, with the bestselling Abarat series.

Now an elusive figure who makes few public appearances, Barker is baring his imagination for Zymbol readers, and offering some lucky Kickstarter patrons autographed prints, reproduced directly from the pages of his bedside notebook.

Other rewards on offer include rare autographed books and Zymbol Magazine subscriptions. The Kickstarter is underway now.

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