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Zines :: Delaine Derry Green’s MSD & NMSD

Thanks to Delaine for sending along recent issues of Not My Small Diary . What a great introduction to this comic zine – a compilation of artists tucked between the covers. Though NewPages lost its Zine Rack when Sean Stewart moved on, and we have tried several times to revive it, we still have a great personal interest in zine culture – some of the most indie of all publishing. If you’re not familiar with Delaine’s work, check out both MSD and NMSD.

My Small Diary comics, by and about Delaine Derry Green, were initially created in 1993. The strips were initially sent for publication in such zines as The Brave New Tick and the White Buffalo Gazette. The first compilation of My Small Diary strips came out in 1995.

Not My Small Diary, a compilation of other artists’ auto-bio comics, was first released in 1996. Still going strong, these comic zines have attracted a diverse contributor base including artists such as Ed Repka, Andi Watson, Hilary Barta, Carrie McNinch, Missy Kulik, John Porcellino, Dave Kiersh, Brian Buniak, Raina Telgemeier, Ayun Halliday, Edward Bolman, Jeff Zenick, Ian Carney, Wil Kane, Dan Moynihan, Donna Barr and hundreds more. The first ten issues had an open autobiographical theme. Issue 11 had the theme of “childhood stories from age 11 & under” while issue 12 had the theme “after midnight – late night stories.” Issue 13 has the theme Lucky/Unlucky stories. Issue 14 is the “dating” issue.

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