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YA Writing Workshop :: Broken Bridge

Walk onto the Pomfret School campus each June and you’ll find an intense group of students immersed in the creative arts alongside a noted group of faculty mentors fully focused on the creative process. Broken Bridge Summer Arts Workshops, now in its sixth year, offers students in grades 9-12, this dynamic living and learning experience to immerse themselves in their art of choice with creative faculty and peers. Students choose between five opportunities to hone skills in poetry, fiction, drawing, acting, or 3D assemblage

Brad Davis, Workshop Director, twenty-year Pomfret School faculty member, and award-winning poet, emphasizes that “through personal affirmation and critique, student artists receive encouragement to commit their enthusiasm, vision, and skills to the daily work of making art. Broken Bridge is an experience of living in community with all our senses up and running.”

Workshop faculty have been selected for their accomplishments in their respective arts disciplines and for their ability to help secondary school students realize their artistic goals. Faculty are published and award-winning writers, artists, and performers, many of whom graduated from Pomfret School and personally understand the value of a dynamic residential community for fostering artistic growth.

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