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Writing on Writing :: Segue Online

Segue: A Journal of the Arts
Miami University – Middletown

Writing on Writing: essays from instructors (including graduate students), writers, scholars, and others that address creative writing in some fashion.

Current essays available full-text as .pdf download include:

“How the University Workshop Hinders New Writers from Engaging with Ideas (And What to Do About It),” by Catherine Cole

“Creating Nonfiction,” by Jill L. Talbot

“One Art: ‘Neither Out Far Nor In Deep’—25 Workshopping Essais Toward a Maker’s Mark,” by GTimothy Gordon

“Selling the Script! The Pedagogy of Film Co-production Scriptwriting,” by Cher Coad and Patrick West

“Ban Writing,” by Jenny Sinclair

“Tales of a Chicago Freelancer,” by David McGrath

“‘Why Experimental Writing Not’: A Class Collage,” by Janis Butler Holm

The WoW materials are free to read, print, and distribute only in their entirety and only for personal or classroom use. Seque requires that you credit both Segue and the authors, and also welcomes your feedback on how the materials were used.

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