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World Literature Today :: Bodies in Literature

world-literature-today-september-october-2015World Literature Today features “Bodies in Literature” for their September-October 2015 issue. The cover art is aptly chosen, and here’s what the editors have to say about their choice:

In a year marked by protracted conflicts over bodies—women’s bodies, black bodies, immigrant/refugee bodies, and even the body politic—we hoped to capture that zeitgeist in this issue’s marquee section “Bodies in Literature,” by featuring an original cover illustration from tattoo artist Rawb Carter, modeled by Synthia Haddad, and photographed by Shevaun Williams.

The 15-page “Bodies in Literature” features work by Laura Ruiz Montes, Yin Lichuan, Najwa Ali, Zsuzsa Takács, Joshua Bennett, Nausheen Eusuf, Jim Pascual Agustin, Zsolt Láng, and Lorenza Ronzano and has been curated by Sara Wilson who also pens an introduction to the section.

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