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Where’d You Find That [Poetry]?

Found Poetry Review is a print publication, but you can check out some of each issue’s content online. Issue Seven is fresh and includes “1816 Was a Year of Unpredictable Weather” by Reiser Perkins, sourced from email spam:

Everything at night is a silence you pass into your mother, the same green of aspens surrounded by snow and the way light moves through a day, or a hundred days. Cold sun draws the chariot parallax with stars.

“Driving in Ablation Fog” by Sonja Johanson, sourced from The Future of Ice by Gretel Ehrlich: “Blue leaves peel off, / we have weather / instead of wine.” “Again” by Sennah Yee, sourced from Google Search autocomplete results, four search result boxes:


And “Born. . . ” by Peter Vaentine, sourced from a New York Times crossword puzzle: “high in the crows nest up high in the smoke of the stars.” Found Poetry Review‘s website includes helpful information about types of found poetry and fair use, as well as submission advice on what types of found poetry they “rarely see done well.” Found Poetry Review‘s editors are also available to travel to schools, writing centers, literary festival, etc. to give workshops and talks on found poetry, with “discounts available if your town has a dueling piano bar.”

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