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What’s New KENYON Review?

kenyon-reviewIt was the change in format that first caught my eye with the new KENYON Review. Editor David H. Lynn comments on this altered physical appearance, but also a great deal more about how he and the staff and editors at Kenyon Review looked at the changing landscape of its readers to update the publication:

“I am delighted to present this first issue of a new volume year and with it the boldest revisions of design and frequency in the seventy-five-year trajectory of the Kenyon Review. Even that last ‘the’ has been challenged. More on that later. But note, please, that not only the look and feel of our magazine are dramatically new. It will now appear every two months, six times a year, rather than the quarterly iterations of many decades. All of this comes after two years of questions and debate and planning.”

Read Lynn’s full commentary here (and how he got cheeky with the “the”).

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