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Wallace Stevens and Cognitive Poetics

The Fall 2015 (v39 n2) of The Wallace Stevens Journal is a special issue: “Stevens and the Cognitive Turn in Literary Studies” edited, with an introduction, by Natalie Gerber and Nicholas Myklebust. In addition to original poetry and reviews by contributors, the journal provides excerpts of each of the following essays on its website:

  • “Bergamo on a Postcard”; or, A Critical History of Cognitive Poetics by Nicholas Myklebust
  • Aesthetics and Impossible Embodiment: Stevens, Imagery, and Disorientation by G. Gabrielle Starr
  • A Mirror on the Mind: Stevens, Chiasmus, and Autism Spectrum Disorder by Mark J. Bruhn
  • “The Eye’s Plain Version”: Visual Anatomy and Theories of Perception in Stevens by Deric Corlew
  • Acoustic Confusion and Medleyed Sound: Stevens’ Recurrent Pairings by Roi Tartakovsky

Publishing since 1977, The Wallace Stevens Journal is devoted to all aspects of the poetry and life of American modernist poet Wallace Stevens through scholarly articles, poems, book reviews, news, and bibliographies.

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