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I saw Iron Jawed Angels last night. I didn’t know about this HBO movie until now – starring Hilary Swank, Frances O’Connor, and Angelica Huston. The story focuses on Alice Paul and Lucy Burns and their work in the final days of the suffragist movement.

The event, sponsored by the local League of Women Voters, sevearal local American Association of University Women groups, and the local NAACP, was held at a small, downtown theatre theatre – one of those historical renovation venues, greatly appreciated by the locals, and adding to the 1920s feel of the whole experience. The best part of the experience was the fact that it was well attended in our small town – there had to be close to two hundred people.

During the movie, there were moments the crowd spontaneously erupted into applause, and at times shared collective gasps. There’s just something about seeing a film like this in a community venue that makes it resonate more deeply; and at the end, hearing the crowd applaud – such a rarity. Given the time of year and the message of the movie – reminding me of how hard these women fought and suffered – I couldn’t help but leave the theatre chanting an even more poignant response: Vote! Vote! Vote!

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