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Video Poetry :: Rabbit Light Movie

Created by Joshua Marie WilkinsonRabbit Light Movies began in February 2007 as a poemfilm journal on dvd (including Episodes #1-4). With Episode #5, Rabbit Light Movies will continue online, updated twice a year, and will no longer be available on dvd. In the short films where the poets’ faces don’t appear, their voices do. No open submissions, queries are welcome.

Some past voices/faces you’ll find on RLM include: Eric Baus, Sommer Browning, Allison Titus, Chuck Stebelton, Catherine Wagner, Joshua Poteat, Jason Bredle, J.W. Marshall, Joyelle McSweeney, Dana Ward, Sasha Steensen, Christopher Stackhouse, Matthea Harvey, Mary Jo Bang, Christine Deavel, Juliana Leslie, Johannes G

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