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Ultra-Violence in Literature

speer-morganThe Missouri Review editor Speer Morgan begins the forward for the Fall 2014 issue themed Ultra-Violence: “Violence in literature and entertainment continues to be debated, and for good reason. One does get tired of it being so casually depicted in every imaginable format, from television and games to novels. However, in this issue of TMR I notice a good measure of violence and pain, reminding me of a truism about this and other subjects in literature—that it all depends on the handling.”

Morgan goes on to discuss Shakespeare and Anthony Burgess, commenting, “Unfortunately, what’s hard to avoid in life becomes a fundamental subject in serious art.” He then introduces the works in this issue, sussing the art of that which we find hard to avoid, various forms of violence we wish not to know, but which, as “handled” by these authors, has much to offer readers.

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