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Tribute to Larry Levis

larry-levisThe Southern Review spring 2015 begins with a twenty-some page tribute entitled, “Larry Levis: Unpublished Poems and the Cast of His Nest.”

In her Editor’s Note, Jessica Faust explains how she was first asked about publishing some of Levis’s unpublished poems which were being compiled for a book edited by David St. John. “In subsequent conversations with other contributors, I came across many poets who had been either mentored by Levis or influenced by his work. I was not surprised: my own admiration for Levis’s work draws me to writing that echoes his style and subjects. What began as a suite of Levis poems grew into a tribute that would also include works by writers he taught or inspired or who were his friends.”

The selection includes an introduction by David St. John, five poems by Levis, and poetry by Philip Levine, David St. John, Ryan Teitman, Peter Everwine, Anna Journey, John Estes, and Joshua Poteat.

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