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The Longbox :: Collecting Comic Book Memories

AmazingSpider-Man050Got a box of old comics hanging around somewhere? The Longbox Project would like you to pour back over them, not to see what they may be worth for sale, but to have you share your memories of reading them, of collecting them, of keeping them all this time.

Yes, The Longbox Project is “a memory project for comic geeks.” Inspired by Max Delgado and Kevin Leslie’s own reminiscing through boxes of old comics, The Longbox Project started online in March 2013 with the mission: “To create the most comprehensive anthology of collector-focused memoirs anywhere on the web.”

The prompt is a simple one: “Why is this comic book important to you?”

The Longbox Project publishes interviews, personal stories of comic book writers and artists, and personal stories from any collector looking to share what made that book special, memorable, worth keeping in the box.

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