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The Ledge Poetry and Fiction Contest Winners

The Summer-Fall 2010 issue of The Ledge includes works by the winners of The Ledge 2008 Poetry Awards: First Prize, Jennifer Perrine for the poem “A Transparent Man is Hard to Find”; Seond Prize, Elizabeth Harrington for the poem “Witness”; Third Prize, J. Kates for the “Learning to Shoot.”

The Ledge 2009 Poetry Awards Competition winners and finalists have been announced and will have their poems published in The Ledge #33, to be published in 2011:

First Prize ($1,000)Philip Dacey of New York, NY
Second Prize ($250) Jennifer Perrine of Des Mones, IA
Third Prize ($100) by Kate Hovey of Northridge, CA

Finalists: Samantha Barrow of New York, NY; Francis Klein of Glen Ridge, NJ; Joyce Meyers of Wallingford, PA; Debra Marquart of Ames, IA; Tiffanie Desmangles of West Lafayette, IN; and Marsh Muirhead of Bemidji, MN.

Also to be published in The Ledge #33 are the winners of The Ledge 2009 Fiction Awards Competition:

First prize ($1000) Michael Thompson of Indianapolis, IN
Second prize ($250) Kate Reuther of New York City, NY
Third prize ($100) Paullette Gaudet of Seattle, WA

Honorable Mention: Clare Beams of Norwell, MA; Sean Lanigan of Somerville, MA; Anne Trooper Holbrook of Tunbridge, VT; and Kelly Luce of Woodside, CA.

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