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The 2013 Knickerbocker Prize

Big Fiction‘s latest issue features the first and second place winners for the 2013 Knickerbocker Prize, which is awarded to two novellas. “There were plenty of wonderful stories in the bunch, ” writes Lauren Groff, the final judge, “. . . but I was waiting for the ineffable, the flare in the gut that told me I was in expert hands. I found this lightning pulse in both [Steve Yates’s] ‘Sandy and Wayne’ and [Sandra Gail Lambert’s] ‘ Half-Boy’ . . . These stories thrilled and moved me; in both cases, at tense moments in the stories, I had to stand and walk around the room in agitation, in order to clam myself enough to go on. Though they could not be more different—’Sandy and Wayne’ a love story on an Arkansas road-building crew, and ‘Half-Boy’ taking place in the humid Florida of the last century—the authors of both of these stories won me over with their dedication to the precise detail, the perfect description, and the largeness of their characters’ longing.”

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