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Teaching Resource :: Map Literary

map-literaryBased out of The William Paterson University of New Jersey Department of English, Map Literary aspires “to pro­mote the finest provoca­tive writ­ing of our time, pub­lish­ing semi­an­nual issues of orig­i­nal fic­tion, poetry, and non­fic­tion in online for­mat.” As part of this promotion, the website features a page under Pedagogy called Map Literary for the Classroom. Here, teachers can find examples of poetic themes and techniques from among contemporary authors published in Map Literary. Examples such as Alliteration/Consonance/Sound: Aaron Anstett, “Actionable” and Genevieve Kaplan, “(I’m) seated, or imagining”; End-stopped vs. Enjambed Line Breaks: Joe Lennon, “Part I” and Christopher Liebow, Excerpts from Riparia Suite. In all, there are 16 techniques with 24 examples linked to the full text. A great teaching resource!

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